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Tribal American tribal style belly dance STUDIO
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Tribal Angels are South Africa’s first True American Tribal Style ® Belly Dance Company based in South Africa and are an FCBD ®

Certified Sister Studio.

The Tribal Angels are characterized by beautifully costumed dancers, utilizing lead and follow formations and troupe co-operation to vibrant music.

Our goal is to enrich audiences with high quality entertainment through the power of dance and the magic of theatre.

We sustain a high level of technical and artistic standards and continue to grow and learn through classes, international workshops and diligent rehearsals.

Tribal Angels exhibit positive self-esteem, professionalism, and dedication.

Once dance to rule them all... one dance to find them, One dance to bring them all... and on the dance floor bind them. Welcome theatre quality professional touch Specialising in performances with a American tribal style belly dance Tribal angels